Find if the last entry has duplicate

Hi All,
to me this is really complex. the formula is not returning error but seems not to be giving me what i need .

COUNT(SELECT(WO Record[WO Number],IN([WO Number],{LOOKUP(MAX(WO Record[_ROWNUMBER]),“WO Record”,"_ROWNUMBER",“WO Number”}))))>1)

i would like to see if the latest entry in “WO Number” column has duplicate. i am using this in a workflow.
can somebody please assist if this formula is giving me what i need.
the test result comes a bunch of duplicate but still not running my workflow properly.
much thanks


    MAX(WO Record[_ROWNUMBER]),
    "WO Record",
    "WO Number"
    WO Record[WO Number],

Thanks Again Steve.I have used your formula and sure is i have a valid condition but there Seems other problem which is the way I Set up the rules:

My rules was: that if there is a duplicate for this last entry of WO Number and that the Time In and Out columns is blank then run the work flow rules.
the issue was since i have to run another action in this row then the duplicate WO Number is still there and so the rules of the workflow is constantly and faithfully running.

To break the cycle i had to create a time stamp to create a dissimilarity or else i’m just running in circle.

thanks for the time. my app is running smoothly.

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