Fingerprint reader

I was wondering if there is anyway we could capture the fingerprint data from the readers built into tablet / phones.

I have built a clocking in app that simply allows a staff member to hit a button and select their name, but it would be better if they could simply scan their finger.

Unfortunately we don’t have that functionality right at the moment.

You can do this via barcodes, QRcode and NFC tags. But not fingerprints.

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Sure, the problem is that they could cheat the system with a barcode… NFC might work though - could this be done via a phone - as in the NFC tag is passed from their mobile?

So NFC is just like a barcode in that it stores a unique number. Almost all Android phones have them. All iphone have them but only the latest few versions allow other Apps access to the NFC controller. Only Google tablets (i think) have an NFC reader. Its the same functionality as contactless cards and Applepay etc

The thing is cloning an NFC tag is as trivial as buying some off ebay and installing a suitable free app. The main safety feature is most people don’t know they can do this.

The most secure way is to use an App where they have to login with their personal gmail account. Then you use UserEmail() to pull that into the clock in/out record so you know who is who.

Some of the stuff we put in our timesheet systems -


I believe having the phone fingerprint in appsheet would be a great option! is there any plan to to have it soon?


At the moment is not a feature but I think that if its implemented it should be just for user authentication not exactly scanning the fingerprint and save it as image.