Finishing Database App

I have a building having 2 floors. Where there are 10 rooms. I want to build a database where I have

  1. List of Items Category: Flooring,Wall & Column,Ceiling,Glazing,Door and Window
  2. List of Rooms: R1 to R10
  3. List of Items: 20 Items (say) where Items are not unique to each room. Each item has their item description and picture.

I want to search room by floor, and it should get me all the relevant details for each room by item categoy.

Hey @Rajarshi_Basu, not sure exactly what you’re asking here.

You might check out the following post, it’s got a lot of great resources about how to get answers from the community.

To get you started, you might check out the documentation about references - they help you connect tables together

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