Finishing View option


Would it be possible to have an option of a finishing view within a Detail type view.
As we can edit columns within a detail view via Quick Edit, there may sometimes not be a requirement to actually go into the Form type view which only has this option at the moment.


You can already specify the finishing view of a form, if that’s what you are asking:

Yes, I understand that this is possible, but think that if this option would be available for the Detail type view also then it could be a real benefit.


I couldn’t understand what is or where is the benefit of having a “Detail View” of a “Detail View”

The user can go to the form view from the detail view by tapping the edit button.

If you want to require the user use the form to input something, don’t enable QuickEdit for those columns in the detail view.

It would help to get a detailed explanation of what experience you want the user to have.