Fire the workflow if Today() is = to [Timestamp] in Related List

I have a table of Collection Events where each collection event is later assigned a Disposal Event. (There are many collection events associated with a single Disposal Event)

I’ve been unable to solve the expression needed to fire a workflow from the Collection Event table if in the associated Disposal Event table the [Timestamp] column = Today()

All I’ve been able to come up with is something like:

IN(Disposal Event), [Timestamp]= Today())

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

When and how is this workflow supposed to be initiated? Is [Timestamp] a Date or a Datetime?

Is there a field in your collection event’s table that links the records to the Disposal event record?

Are you using a reference? If so you could try using a de-reference formula:

[Disposal_Event].[Timestamp] = today()

Otherwise you’ll need to do a lookup of the disposal event’s timestamp, something like:

LOOKUP([_thisrow].[Disposal_Event], Disposal Event Table, Event ID, Timestamp) = today()

Like Bahbus was saying, it will depend on the type of the Timestamp column. Today is a DATE, if you’re using a DateTime, you’ll need to wrap things in a DATE() formula to force it into a date type.

DATE([Disposal_Event].[Timestamp]) = today()
DATE(LOOKUP([_thisrow].[Disposal_Event], Disposal Event Table, Event ID, Timestamp)) = today()

@Bahbus @MultiTech_Visions Thank you. Let me try these suggestions and I’ll report back it anything works, else some clarification on the need. This has been a tricky challenge since the beginning of the app build. I’m still trying to fully understand the best way to solve this thing.

Don’t feel bad. I scrapped and started over like 6 times before I got my data structured in a way that works quickly and efficiently.


@Bahbus @MultiTech_Visions

Below comes up as a valid expression. The goal is:

  1. if the destruction signature from the collection event table is not blank, and
  2. the value of the [timestamp] column from the disposal event table is = to today() then the condition is met and the workflow will fire. Does this do it? Fingers crossed.

AND(DATE(LOOKUP([_thisrow].[Disposal Event], Disposal Event, Disposal Key, Timestamp)) = today(),(ISNOTBLANK([Destruction Signature])))

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Looks like it should :slight_smile: