First level "Group By" in view does not show ...


First level “Group By” in view does not show “Group aggregate” count.

So… if I define a view with “Group by” set as two columns (Date, Portfolio), I have to click first on the Date, to see the Portfolio groupings, and the count only shows for the last column in the group (Portfolio).

  1. Is there any way to have the Count show for each column defined in the Group By?

Right now, I only see counts after clicking on the first GroupBy (Date).

I want to see the count for each date, and then when I click, see the count for each Portfolio.

This is what I would think is expected behavior when more than one column is allowed in the “Group By” hierarchy.

  1. Is there any way to show both the Date and Portfolio group headers on the first page of the view (not requiring drill down to get to Portfolio)?

eg: Date

Portfolio A

Item 1

Item 2

Portfolio B

vs Date > click to get:


Item 1

Item 2

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You need to create a virtual column with the count like CONCATENATE([Date]," ",COUNT(SELECT(KeyColumn],[Date]=[_THISROW].[Date]))) and then group the view with this virtual column.


Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio.

I have not yet worked much with the List expressions so this will be a good practice.

I will try it and see how it plays into the Group By in the Views.


So, the virtual column is an option to provide a count, but it does not provide the nice “Group aggregate” bubble so it’s inconsistent and may confuse the user.

Based on the description in the UI for “Group aggregate - Display a numeric summary of the rows in each group.”, I would think you would get the bubble at each level in a multi-level grouping.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Unfortunately you can have the “bubble” only with one group level. You can of corse explain the value like…

CONCATENATE([Date]," & qountity ",COUNT(SELECT(KeyColumn],[Date]=[_THISROW].[Date])))