First Page Header in Google Doc Template Not Honoured!

When using a Google Dod template to save a PDF report the First Page Header setting is not honoured.

Also, Dates are not formatted. I have a column set to Long Date but it does not get formatted as such in the PDF

Long Date format affects the date displayed in the Detail View. To reflect that to your PDF template you can format it via expression:
<<TEXT([Date], "DDDD, MM/DD/YYYY">>
<<TEXT([Date], "DDDD, MMMM DD, YYYY">>
For the PDF header issue, I will chime in @phil


Theoretically, TEXT([Date]) (without the format string) should apply the column’s display formatting to the value, so the format string shouldn’t be needed to get the default long date display format. I haven’t tested, though.

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Excellent thanks, I’ll try that



Does not work unless you add the format string

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Perfect, thanks