First readers' preview sharing

I’ve been fuddling about asking 2 people - who’s patience has worn to the bone now - to give vital “first reader” feedback before I deploy my app.

Expectations are not managed.

It’s a deal breaker for me before I part with money for a product or service. Do they communicate?

I’ve shared via email, from share icon on entry, from address bar and they get boom! download Appsheet. Denial of access. just pushed my two vital first readers away. they would give me that crucial first response to the UX, user interface and navigation of my app before it goes live.

Why can they not just lay out the ground rules;

  1. i need to add their email to this specifc version (I did an older one while still learning and restarting)

  2. I need to warn them they need to download appsheet.

Easy. Done. Communication. Expectations managed and my app seen before it is deployed to iron out raging customer viewpoint issues.

Can anyone confirm if these 2points are the parameters for the 10 free shares for feedback (so far uncommunicated by Appsheet)?

Hi Sophie,

First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community and with us. I also do believe we can do better there and we’ll take your feedback into account.

If you created an application that requires users to sign-in, then you will need to whitelist the people who should have access to your app. There are multiple mechanisms for that and specifying their email addresses is one of them. More info is available at If you do not require them to sign-in and accept anyone to use your app, then you won’t need to specify their email addresses.
If your app users want to use the app on a mobile device, they will need to download AppSheet first. There is no need to download anything if app users access the app in a browser.

These two points apply to all users, but rather depend on how you set up your application.
I hope this helps.

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Hi there, thank you for your reply. Sorry it took so long to see this answer as I can never remember my password to log in here, reset, get disorientated and give up. it is not accessible. I suggest 1. a prompt password (9 letters, etc) and 2 a viewer to see what is typed in. More inclusive.
Secondly, the people I am advertising my app to are being put off. If I guide them in, they can see my app, but first time visitors see unintelligible messages with no forward signpost so they get stuck and go away. i have lost so many of the 200 people with Long COVID who wanted to see my research.

Appsheet jumps in and goes ‘me me me’ and does not give first time visitors an onboarding route map so many get put off. As a creator, i don’t see what new visitors see when they first click my link. My expectations are totally unmanaged. Please add a slide deck of the screens and the signposts for app users to share so they can find their way in. Not login dependent either. Public access.

From the screen I shared, there is no onward route highlighted. I didn’t know this was happening. Many get put off. No one tells me. Many say they can’t get in. It is just so inaccessible. Signposts, routemaps, navigation please. Be inclusive to all types of users, not just people doing inventory at work.

Appsheet said it would provide free use of apps to fight covid and I just wasn’t going near that process. It didn’t manage expectations. All geared up to favour appsheets’ interests and not your customers’. What about ‘win win’? Benefiting yourselves and your customers’ simultaneously is good businesss. the best. Never desperate. Currently, Appsheet doesn’t manage its customers expectations and we can’t manage our app users expectations. All blind corners. One way view. Apps are BUILT ON 2 way views. Product perspective AND customer perspective. Central. absolutely crucial to app business. Appsheet is ignoring and not catering for diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, customer perspective, managing expectations or UX. Communication given to me in the editor and my users is unintelligible. IT’s end of. My funders would be spending much more money if it was accessible, but it’s not so it’s going the other direction. Am going to Thunkable,.

With kind regards