First time user and slice not working

I’ve spent about 4-5 hours trying to find out how to filter my transaction data to show only uncategorized transactions. I’ve deleted everything but 5 rows in my sample now and I can’t seem to get the slice to filter out the already categorized transactions.

Can someone please tell me what my formula should be in the slice or what I need to do differently in appsheet?

Please post a screenshot of the complete row filter expression for the slice.

Please also post a screenshot of the complete error message.

I’m not getting an error right now but I only want my UX page to show rows that have the category as blank. I thought I do this by adding a slice with a row filter but my rows are not getting filtered in appsheet.

What do I need to do to just show 3 of the 5 uncategorized transactions in appsheet?

Make sure your view (in UX >> Views) is configured to use the slice:

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Yes it is, or so I believe.

Nothing to be done 'til you get rid of those errors.

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Functions require parentheses.

All that red stuff in the editor indicates that you are indeed getting errors.


I believe I have the slice set up and and enabled but it doesn’t show me just the 3 “uncategorized” transactions that have a blank in the category field. Please take a look because it doesn’t seem to filter/slice that date like I thought it would:

Please contact for help with this.

I think I solved this first issue. Thank you. I may create another post on some of the more difficult parts of the app if I continue to get stuck.