Fitness App Discussion

This discussion thread is for anyone who would like to discuss the Fitness app posted on the Google Cloud blog.


Link? seems interesting


Hi Jonathan, you can read the post here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awsome, Looking good :smiley:

Hey @Chris_Bailey , nice work on the blog! Is this going to be a series on building different apps?

I like how you set up your dashboard with the icons for each activity.

Hi @GreenFlux – no current plans to turn this into a series, although we are trying to gauge how useful these types of tutorials are for new and experienced app creators.

Any way to add a countdown clock feature?

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How do the images work? Like does it have to be a link to the image or can it be a file of the image? Because I am just trying to use an image but it is not showing in the app.

Thanks for the cool idea!

Hi @Johnny_Briones,

Here’s an overview of how images work with AppSheet. Depending on where they’re located, you’ll want to set them up differently. If you run into any roadblocks along the way, feel free to ask!

I would also upvote the idea of a series! Diving deeper into the how-to’s of a variety of use scenarios is a great idea. The followup thread here is even better. Thank you!

I would definitely vote to make it a series. I’d also like to see time estimates. AppSheet says that you can build an app in minutes – and I know you can – but it would be nice to have proof-of-concept tutorials with times indicated (“5 minutes reading / 8 minutes building,” etc). Blog posts often have estimated reading times so it would be nice for AppSheet to have little “kits” with estimates of how long it should take to put each one together.

The article says that there are five steps but something like “in 15 minutes” might be even more enticing.


Thanks @Kirk_Masden, @mcopp0315, and @GreenFlux for that feedback. No guarantees yet, but I’m definitely going to see how we can do more of these!



Borrowing the tricks from @Steve in terms of looping based on the value in enumlist and twisting the same a bit, I put additional feature to your sample app, assuming the use case of the app like ;

On a new day and before starting excersise, the user will add new row and select the excersise from enumlist. Then save the form. This trigger to add new child rows to this day.
Then user keep updating the exising row, along wiht his scheduled excersise for that day.

Sample app I also published to my portfolio for the benefit of community.

Forgot to place the link to my own sample app.

nigh, nigh eveyone.


I made a fitness app for kids and the number one feedback by far from parents is to have a visual timer/countdown for the child to know exactly the expected workout time for each exercise.

Is there an existing feature request for this? Couldn’t find it.

The only alternative I’ve found is to display a Youtube video of a countdown.
Problems: too much space taken, no custom duration, not user friendly.

Not that i know of. The only way i think is to link to a timer app.

@teambelair , I’m not sure if this will work for your use-case, but here’s a simple countdown timer I just built.

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Not in my case because they’re already watching another youtube video of the exercises and follow along.

But it s a smart trick to use the same timer video and open it at different times. Really cool to consider for other needs. Thank you.

Right now I am asking just parents to have a separate timer on the side. The ideal countdown timer would be embedded within the current view and not take too much space.


I’m new to AppSheet.

Can a button be set up in the app to open the Google Clock app in Android?

When I workout I operate the stopwatch hands-free using Google assistant. Sometimes it hasn’t worked just to say “Hey Google, Open Stopwatch”. Would be useful, just in case. I usually open the Clock app first and then tell Google “Start Stopwatch” (seems more reliable that way).