Fix Image in Ref DropDown

Hi everyone,

I have this Dropdown Column in a form with Ref Values from another table. I have two labels that are being fetched: Image and Text.
For some reason the Image is not shown completely.
The .png file is a square file.
Is the only way to fix this editing all the files to be rectangular?
Anyone knows Appshet´s actual size for this kind of thumbnails so I can make them exact?

This is what I´m getting:

Are you looking at the app in the editor’s emulator, or on an actual phone? The emulator sometimes shows slightly differently than how they’ll actually appear.

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Thanks @Steve ,

I am following the guidelines using a square 512x512px image.

It seems to me the shape for “image type” labels in dropdown Ref menus is “portrait” (something like 3:4 proportion), not squared… Maybe I´m wrong…

You can see this in the Property Sample App


@Marc_Dillon Its the same on all devices… Even on the web app.

Unfortunately, I have little to no experience with images, so all I can do is point out what the docs say. It’s possible the docs are outdated. If you can’t gt a satisfactory answer here, consider engaging (and specifically mention any discrepancies you find in the docs).

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Try a Save and Verify and maybe a browser refresh. Otherwise, I’m also not sure.

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