Fix "Show Legend" & "Chart color" for Scatterplot view

The Scatterplot is a great visualization of data and works well in Appsheet. My only complaint is that you’re unable to label data points so that the user knows what they’re looking at. This is partially solved with the popup (image attached) when you hover over a data point but you’re unable to add text columns in Scatterplot view.

Enabling the legend and multiple chart colors has no effect in Scatterplot view (see image).
Two proposed solutions:

  • Add the key/label to the popup
  • Add the ability to render certain data points different colors so that they can labeled like with the Pie Chart view (example attached)

Scatterplot Popups


Yes yes yes and Yes.
We know and @jared is working on this. We hope to be able to ship a preview of it before end of year. But for now Jared had to pause this work to jump on something that is more urgent for the next few weeks.
@JCadence is Jon already registered on the Chart alpha tester team?

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@JCadence, @TDhers

Would love to be on the Chart Tester Team!

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@JCadence - Is there anything that I should look at regarding the chart testing?

Hi @Jon_Melo! You we’re added to the group on August 18th. You should see a “Chart Testing” category on the left hand side of the home page. It’s only visible for those that are participating in the test group :slight_smile:

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