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Hello, I am making a quality control app. I have interior quality checklist as a separate table that includes “categories” that reference a separate category table. An inspector can go in and select the EnumList -“Areas Inspected” field (this references the categories table) and in another view the areas inspected options selected are listed. Right now I am working on having the app show the areas/categories that have not been selected so another inspector can go in and see what hasn’t been done and what they need to do. How can I approach this?

Hi @Voke
Have you had a look at slices?

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Hi Lynn
I created a column named “Satisfactory” as a Yes/No and I have a slice for that. I’m able to see which location’s checklist has not been fully completed because they are denoted with the “No” in satisfactory column and a format rule to display as red. I want to be able to also see which areas have not been completed, more specifically. So for example, if I have a location file that has an inspection report and the areas inspected contains windows and doors(from the enumlist) but fridge and table were not selected or checked, I want to be able to have those unchecked items(fridge and table) returned and placed in the location file. Each location is in a separate table and is ref in the interior quality checklist table. So far, I have only been able to return and display the areas that have been selected and checked off by having a virtual column in the location table for the areas inspected referencing the area inspected column from the interior quality checklist table. I used this:
ANY(SELECT(Interior QC Checklist[Areas Inspected], ([Location ID] = [_THISROW])))

How could I use a slice to approach this? Thank you so much for the help!