Flask marks to promt to expressio editors for Show? Editable? Required?

Anywhere in the appsheet, we have frask mark which indicates we are able to use appsheet expression to control apps behavior dynamically.

At the moment, we are missing the flask marks for Show? Editable? Required? fields for the table view for column editors. We need to hit the edit the column actio and find out the show, eitable or required entry fields to push the expression, which is not user friendly, as well as killing our time.

I wish to have the frask marks to prompt us to the expression editors diretly from the column setting table veiw. See the screenshots.

Thanks for listening.

Man… I asked for this like… DAYS after they made the column UX change-over.

It’s not like there isn’t enough room for a tiny little icon. :rofl:

Maybe this time it might happen.



The funny thing is, that if you make a column change such that a warning is presented (e.g. unchecking the Show column and getting a warning that Searchable will be unchecked as well) the flask icons will then appear for each of those rows and columns.

I mention this because it means the work has been done to show the flask icons. Why they don’t show consistently is beyond me. See the bug below for more…