Focus On The 20%

The Appsheet team needs to focus on the 20% of request that would improve quality 80%. Most develepors should be familiar with Pareto by now. The big elephant in the room is a payment gateway. Appsheet will never grow to its’ potential until payment processing is integrated. Other platforms will take your place and you will collapse. If I am developing an app for someone I need to be able to integrate billing into a system. This should be the focus for appsheet going forward. Everything else are just minor things that do not make that much of a difference.

You forgot to add “IMHO” to your post

In your mind this is a front and center pressing issue;

  • whereas I’ve got several clients that want nothing to do with payment processing at all, they have their own desires of the platform (like better KML stuff).

AppSheet’s continued success and growth would suggest you are wrong.


I personally don’t think payment methods are THAT important considering that AppSheet is more geared towards building tools for inner use by companies and organizations, at least that’s what the pricing tells me anyways.


I think the Appsheet team may not be capable or able to integrate a payment gateway into the system. Otherwise they would have done it. Service companies and mom and pop shops selling in person would greatly benefit from a payment gateway. As it stands now they have to use a 3rd party to process payments. They then have to switch back to appsheet to run their operations. In Appsheets current form almost all major needs have been met. I know because I used it in my personal previous business of logistics. In one instance I wanted to create an app for daycare providers but the pricing was too expensive per user to justify. If it would have integrated parent payments and tax forms it may have been justified. Therefore Appsheet could charge more for the integration.

@Noah_Beach I don’t think anyone here would disagree with your suggestion to integrate a payment processing service (or a set of them because we all know just a single one won’t do).

However, the types of clients you indicate are not the current major demographic that AppSheet is targeting right now. Their focus is on business apps, more specifically internal business apps, not customer-facing apps - and by customer-facing I am referring to the customers of AppSheet clients. Of course the flexibility of AppSheet is allowing us to create a variety of apps - even customer-facing ones.

I do believe what you suggest is on their radar but its just not a priority right now.

Lastly, there are 101+ different ways to create a payment processing feature that can be used fairly seamlessly from within AppSheet that are acceptable to end users. They will take a bit more effort to build out which I know is what you are trying to avoid but It can be done - at least in some fashion.