Folder as a Table and Automation

I want the Appsheet to detect new files uploaded to a google drive folder, and add a record to a table.

With the new automation features I am trying to build a bot which includes a “Folder as a Table” data, and set the event to when a new record is added to the data (= new files in google drive folder), a record will be added to another table. However, the bot doesn’t seem to trigger/work, so I wonder did I miss some steps or this isn’t supported by Appsheet currently? Thanks for the help!

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That feature is planned to be available in the GA release.

What/when is the “GA release”?


PREVIEW is a beta release, not recommended to be used against any production data sources / workloads and doesn’t has any associated support SLAs. GA is when the features are ready for use against production data sources / workloads. GA is planned for end of Q1 2021.

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Thanks for the reply @prithpal ! Really looking forward to it as it would really simplify our workflows

What about event checking new data on CloudSQL ?

Not available currently, but it’s on our future state roadmap.