Folder Location Property I do have two apps,...

Folder Location Property

I do have two apps, which refers to the exactly same set of the data source, and those have tables containing column for images.

The problem I have now is second app is not picking up images at all, while the first app properly display all images.

Obviously this second app is referring to the different file directory, rather than the image folders of the first app.

I read the document here

So I assume we need to change the “folder location Property” setting so that the image columns to refer to the different image folder. However, once i go there, we need to type the expression.

I m not sure how to organise the expression in this case, as there is no expression to direct the path of the image folder as far as I know.

Also I thought we should change the data source ID in the table details so that entire app to refer to the other name of the app, but source ID is always grey out, unable to edit.

Could you anyone advise how can I solve the problem?

Just an additional note. My data base and tables are sitting on SQL rather than Google sheet.

@tsuji_koichi I believe that right now there is no way to share images across different SQL apps. This is because each app is writing images to its own app definition folder (something like /appsheet/data/app1/images). @praveen fyi

@tony Hi Tony, thanks for your clarification.

When i copy the app and then change the app definition on this copied app, Both app can capture the same image files. For instance, add new image through the 1st app, then save. Then 2nd app, as far as it refer to the same table, 2nd app will display the same image on 2nd app.

I tested this and worked.

(On the folder for the 2nd app it is utterly empty. but 2nd app refer to the set of data and folder under the dir of 1st app.

But this won’t be true when we use SQL as data source.

Is there any way and tips to make the story same for SQL as Google Drive?

@tsuji_koichi Praveen is working towards making the app’s data location configurable. But we don’t have a timeline for this feature.

@tony @praveen Yes, it is indeed essential to me to have option to select the folder location at users choice and glad to hear Praveen is working on.

Understand no firm date is available in terms of when this would be introduced, but can we indicate it is a matter of months or years ? I really need to scale up App to SQL to store loads of image along with bunch of text fields attached to it. Multiple different apps need to be deployed, referring to the same data/images for different purposes.

@tsuji_koichi I’ll forward this thread to Praveen so he can see it.

@tony Hi TONY, this help me a lot, waiting for Paraveen to learn most latest, thank you again.

I just added the ability to change the default folder for the app itself (see Info -> Properties). @tsuji_koichi you can give it a try and let us know.

So even if you use SQL as a data source, you can tell two different apps to use the same folder as the default app folder. Within it, you can decide if you want different image folders or the same image folder — this is at the level of the individual image columns.

@tony FYI

@praveen Wow!!! Super wonderful. I copy the folder path and past to the second app. Now 2nd app is picking up images from 1st app . Once again, thank you very much for your quick action!!!


Has anyone got this working with subfolders underneath the default app folder?

I’ve set my default folder for the app and it works but when I indicate a sub-folder path in the data field eg “VisitForms” or “./VisitForms” or I specify a complete direct path it doesn’t work.

I too have two SQL apps accessing the same documents in Google Drive and images and I need to use subfolders.

Any help on specifying the subpath would be appreciated.


Andy Eastham