Font Changed Randomly: What is Happening?

It seems like every Friday, the AppSheet iOS app does something to mess up my apps. Last Friday, all of a sudden my apps wouldn’t load. I had done nothing different. I didn’t update my iOS software. I didn’t do anything and all of a sudden there was this bug. Thankfully, the great and helpful team at AppSheet finally figured out what was wrong. I had this “other” view in my views page, that was disturbing the loading of my apps. I don’t know why it was doing that all of a sudden, because that “other” view has always been there. When I was told to delete this view from all of my apps, I did so, and that fixed the problem. Now all of my apps load perfectly, the way they did before this strange and random bug just appeared out of nowhere.

NOW, today, this Friday: I opened my app to use it at the gym, like I’ve done every day this week, and every day for the last several years. And the fonts, all of a sudden, got smaller. I could barely read the text on my phone. I did NOTHING in the formatting of the app. It was fine yesterday. Today, I can barely read the text. (This small text appears in the iOS AppSheet app AND the web AppSheet creators’ interface. (Attaching images: Image 1 was before today; Image 2 is from today)

I have tried enlarging the font in the “Options” - “Text Size” in AppSheet creator’s interface. But all that does is make the columns move farther apart. It does NOT increase the tex size in the app.

What is going on? Can anyone help here?

Thank you.


Hmm, I think I’m experiencing something similar.

Table view font has gotten smaller. The other views have the correct larger fonts.

Hi @Ratatosk, are you also using iOS?

Android. And the same in browser view in chrome on windows

When you change the font size from UX > Options, does it change the size?

It doesn’t change size in the table view. But it changes in the other views. Only the “frame” changes kind of in table view…

Edit: I checked older iterations of my app and the problem is there as well now.

I tested few apps with Android (10) and with the Chrome and font sizes are correct. I made a font size change and both devices are following the change.

Would you please email to with app details, thanks.

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It sounds we have probably broken something small with views/fonts. I’m able to see the same behavior with your app. I will assign this to our devs in US to check what is causing this. The fix will probably take few days. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you Aleksi!

Should I still email with app details?

In my apps, only the Table View is affected. In the Detail View, the fonts sizes are fine. But the Table View is the view that users of the app use.

Thank you.

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Hi David_Ames. I think this is a bigger issue than our tables.

This is crazy. Last Friday this random bug appeared, and now this.

I’ll just wait to see if tech support gets back to us.

I would guess this is probably an easy fix.

We found the issue and it is related to the table view changes we have pushed lately. The font size is not being adjusted to user input (bug). We will have a fix on Monday.



Any update on the fix for the font size changing in the table view of apps in AppSheet?

Thank you.

I’ve got the fix.

Well? Mine is still small.

Is there something I need to do on my end?

It seems that the fix will go out tomorrow when we deploy. Sorry about the delay.


It looks like as of this morning, Thursday 10/22, the “mysterious changing font size” issue has been fixed.

Thank you!!!


You’re welcome

This is happening again. Yesterday, all of a sudden the font changed again (and the line spacing between rows as well), without me making any adjustments. This is happening in the browser interface app edit screen as well as on the iPhone AppSheet app.

First screenshot is what it should look like, and what it looked like before yesterday. Second screenshot is how it started looking yesterday, out of the blue.

Can this be fixed again?
Thank you.