Font Changed Randomly: What is Happening?

Please contact for help with this.

Hi David, we’re looking into it… we want to make sure the fix we push does not cause unintended side effects. Please bear with us – will keep you posted :slight_smile:



Thank you for the status update!

I feel this needs to be said, since you brought it up: The updates that AppSheet made a few weeks ago did indeed cause unintended side effects, namely the font/row size issue I have been talking about for the past 2 weeks.

A month ago, another update caused unintended side effects, namely a font size display change that happened randomly, without my changing anything. The team found a fix for that pretty quickly!

The month before that, another update caused unintended side effects, namely a hanging loading screen where I could not open any of my apps. It was discovered by the team that I had a “Other” view in my views (that had always been there), that was causing the problem. I was told to delete this view in all my apps, and that fixed the issue.

So obviously, unintended side effects have happened in the past. Fortunately, the AppSheet team was able to correct these side effects, so that my apps once again behaved as they have done for years. Until now. So hopefully, the team can find a fix for this as well.

Thank you!

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Yes, echoing all your thoughts on the side effects that have been coming from the recent updates. My expectations for Appsheet is to test these updates on at least some “dummy” apps to ensure that the interfaces are now working, and, if there are any major changes such as the ones in this thread, that they would be communicated to us before rolling out the updates.


@David_Ames following up on the status: We have a fix and it should be deployed beginning of next week (we don’t deploy on weekends).

Again, apologies for the impact this had on your apps and I appreciate you all sharing your feedback with us!

We’ll keep sharing the upcoming changes them before shipping them on this thread.


Hai macastan,
Thank you for your information
But, the problem still not solved.I tried to open my apps (bTrip) tonight (21.35) the font size it’s normal, i thought the problem was solved and closed my apps and tried to opened another appss and than back again to open my apps (bTrip) and boom…font size change more big…

Any idea for this problem ?