Font size on formula

Is it possible to change the font size based on a formula?
Some of our staff need glasses to use the app, but I don’t want huge font on every users device.

In a related, though completely separate scenario, I’ve got users that use a tablet to administer questionnaires to people and they need the text huge to be able to see it easily in bright daylight - but when administering via a PC we don’t need it that big.

I have similar issues… I wish we could extend the CONTEXT() formula to differentiate between mobile, tablet, and browser.

Even better would be to leverage some of CSS @media functionality. Would be cool if I could CONTEXT(“Width”)>500px or something. :smiley:

So you can’t differentiate between a mobile device and tablet, but you can between the browser, the app, and if it’s running from the server (backend things like reports).

Right! I should clarify;

The problem I have is that when CONTEXT(“Host”) returns “Device”, it does not differentiate between a tablet or a mobile phone.

I find that for larger tablets, I would want them to behave as a browser rather than a “device”, but CONTEXT(“Host”) does not provide that granularity.

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A way I’ve gotten around that is to create a USERSETTING where people can select what type of device they’re using. :wink:

In the days when this functionality was first being created, there was talk about somehow using screen size or something like that - but this was the ultimate result.

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Oo; thanks for the tip, I will use that :slight_smile:

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