Food Boxes - m:n connection and output

Hi Community,
I have a product database (different foods). We want to package different foods in different boxes (e.g. Snack Box). A product can be in several boxes.
As outcome I would like to see the boxes and its products with an overview about the price of the box, weight, number of articles, etc.
So far I wasn’t able to get this done. I have tried some many to many templates but was not successful yet.
Thanks for your help!

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You may wish to mention in what way it is many to many relationship.

In general are you able to add products to each box through referencing? Then with reverse referencing you could see related boxes for each of the foods( or products).

You could further elaborate your requirement.


One Box has many foods.
One Food can be in may boxes.

Hi ,
Please take a look at the following post

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