For a countings table (parentid, item, qty) (one scan=one record), is there any way to create virtual table or a list of its summary/aggregrated results for creating UX?

So that parent UX can show its related summary children UX (parentid, item, sum(qty)) which may contain few items/records instead of related children UX which may have 100 records counted of few items or products.

or how to add table from pivot-table sheet (database style, no ‘total’) ?

Thank you Steve.

Until the last 3 lines, “In Google Sheets or Excel, you first copy the data and then use ‘Paste Transpose’. Consider an additional spreadsheet with a SUMIF or SUMIFS sheet formula.”. Is there any sample to clarify this ?

By the way, trying to maximize appsheet’s features for aggregrated data, it seems I have found a way, just to implement child_inline table with 2 group bys. However, since I want its summary, child_inline doesn’t group a list as I want. Then, I format child UX the same, it works.

But, how can I replace child_inline UX with that child UX, is it possible to replace inline with any UX ? And how to control ‘Add’ button of child_inline ?

What don’t you understand?


Either set the column’s Show setting to OFF, or use a Show_If expression.


  1. Create a new slice on the Picks table that doesn’t allow adds.

  2. Add a new virtual column to the Job Order table with an App formula that copies the existing Related Picks column value, and a Referenced table name that points to the slice.

  3. Give this new virtual column a Show_If expression that evaluates to TRUE only when the Add button should be hidden.

  4. Give the original Related Picks virtual column a Show_If expression that evaluates to TRUE only when the Add button should be shown.


Not possible.

See also:

So far, I can LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() to solve above.

Relating, I get another question.
Is it possible to dynamically change UX’s display name? I can’t approach any field value neither parent or child.