For clarification - the Public Pro licence fr...

(Sam Bartlett) #1

For clarification - the Public Pro licence fro white-labelling and distributing to the App Stores - is there only one payment per month per app irrespective of how many platforms it’s distributed on? Thanks

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Sam_Bartlett what do you mean with " …how many platforms…"? Did you meant both Google Play and Apple Store? If that’s what you meant, you have to pay a developer fee to each store per year. Google Play is $25/yr and Apple Store is $99/yr.

(Sam Bartlett) #3

Thanks Levant - yes that’s what I meant.

I understand the store fees, but I was wanting to clarify that. e.g. an Android version and an IOS version of the same app generated by Appsheet will only need one Appsheet Pro monthly payment rather than two?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4

@Sam_Bartlett it will need only one publisher pro licence

(Sam Bartlett) #5