For deck type views, if I have a table with m...

(Bituminous Roadways) #1

For deck type views, if I have a table with multiple image columns and I choose auto as the image to be displayed, does it just randomly choose one column and only display images from that column? OR does it try to display a non blank image from each row?

I have multiple image columns in each row and not all of them will contain images for every row. Therefore, if I choose one column it will display a blank image for some rows.

I thought about solving this with a virtual column, but i can’t figure it out.

Does anyone know a formula for choosing a random non blank value from one of several columns in the same row?

I was thinking SELECT(LIST([picture column],[picture column]),


but I can’t figure out how to formulate the yes/no to only select the non blank items in the list.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Bituminous_Roadways

During testing, with “auto” option selected

for main image in deck view, the deck view displayed the first image column in order out of

image columns in the table.

As for VC, I request your to explore something like below


In this expression, the VC will shortlist an image in order of Image4, Image3…

whichever it finds first as non blank , if default naming convention for image file name is used. Also the expression will expect at least one non blank image.

(Bituminous Roadways) #3

Awesome! that works beautifully! I added in a TOP(…,1) before the ANY() because i wasn’t sure how random ANY() is.

if its truly random it could still choose blank rows from the list.