For Ref columns, Allow Grouping sort order to be based on a non-visual field - i.e. not by Label

There are many use cases where in a Grouped view, the developer wants to control the order in which the Groups are shown and not have it based on a ascending/descending sort of the displayed value.

Currently, developers overcome this deficiency by changing the display value so that it includes characters that force the sort. e.g. “1-Group G”, “2-Group Z”, “3-Group A”.

For Ref columns, a very practical approach would be to allow the specification of the column used for sorting just like we currently do for specifying the Label - maybe a “Sorting” property. The sorting/grouping functions would use the specified “Sorting” column to order the rows but then use the “Label” column as the displayed value.

The same concept can be applied to Enum’s as well.

What we really need is a dynamic sort order… that only accepts a strange orderby argument…