For those creators, using Amazon Cognito

My app users, where I set the Amazon Cognito as Auth tool claimed they are not able to access to the app due to error messages. Concacted Appsheet support, seemingly there was some changes in settings which made a cause of this problem.

this should be common problem where you use Amazon Cognito as auth services to let your app users to access to Appshee App. Appsheet introduced Auth Group features (Dont ask me what is it, why they did… as I dont know) which give me problem.


By setting app up as above screenshot,the app run back to normal.

If you have apps with Amazon Cognito, I would suggest you have a look at this before your users start to claim the same.


I claimed to support Appsheet. If they change and upgrade to the appsheet, it is more than welcome, but if it is affecting the usage of the running app, we should be precausioned, and ask to take steps to avioid those down time…

I spent whole days to find the root cause, meaning my app users were not able to use the app during that time, which is not good off course. i share the frustration of my app users and very sorry to them.


@Jonathon Heads up…
Did it not work set as default?
Mine are all showing this new setting at default…
(If i’m not mistaken the logic was that all users saw the stable version if there was one, else latest…)

Hi Koichi, my apologies for breaking your apps. This is a feature that lets you assign users and roles based on auth domain groups across all the domain auth providers.

For Cognito, at the moment, we do not support groups, so it has always defaulted to Any. I believe for some reason, in your app, the value was an empty text string? And the fix was to manually change that to “Any”? This is what I took away from the dev who was working on diagnosing the problem you reported.

I’m not sure anyone else should see this, because it is supposed to move over seamlessly. We haven’t heard from anyone else on this and we do have quite a few customers using Cognito. But if anybody on the community has run into this too, please do let me know.

Again, my apologies to you and your users. This was supposed to be a seamless change.


No worry, Praveen, most importanly, the case was closed with least downtime while it happened weekend where the less number of users interacted with apps.

Yes, I set the group to “any” as you see on the screenshot which solved the problem.

As far as it happened only to me, I was just unlucky. If it might happen to others, hope this post will guide them to fix the problem quickly, which is main purpose of this post, as you know.
Have a great weekend.