Force a Save when a specific field has been filled

Though I think my answer is “NO”, I will ask the question anyway.

Is there a way to have an app auto save based on a specific field being filled out. for example

Say I have a form that asks what color the sky is and it has the following fields.

Key ID - autofill

Name - autofill based on login data

Date - Today()

What color is the sky - Enum (User picks a selection from a list of 5 colors) The app then auto saves on any updates

Tell me about the sky - Long text field


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If auto-save is turned on, it should save after the last column on the Form is filled out. So perhaps you could make the “tell me about the sky” column be hidden if the user selects a sky color, and thus will force the auto-save to work? Something to experiment with at least.


You mad genius you! That will work just fine. I know exactly how to weave the rest of the extended magic now that you’ve said the first bit.