Force mobile view

I’m trying to see if its either possible to reference 1 dashboard view in another dashboard view. Or how to force a dashboard view to show up as mobile tabs on a desktop view

I don’t believe either is possible. What are you trying to accomplish?

I have a statistic tracking app, it allows me to enter data and a date into a variety of different stats which are really just categories of data.

I have set up 3 graphs that go along with my stat selection 1 for weekly, one for monthly 1 for yearly. On mobile it works great, I can only see one view at a time. When I only have one graph(weekly), the desktop dash board works great, I select the stat one one side and see the graph of the data on the other side. But when I have 3 graphs, it looks much more confusing with the desktop view showing all 3 graphs at the same time in addition to the deck view where I can select the stat