Force sync after a new order is created

I have an application that lets customers create orders and then the delivery person can see these orders and fill them.

The issue is that the delivery person needs to keep refreshing the app with the button on the top right to keep checking if there are any new orders.

How do I make it so the app automatically syncs the delivery persons orders with the new orders created in the google spreadsheet when a new order appears from the customers.

If that isn’t possible can I force the app to sync everything every minute or so?

The issue I want to solve is the delivery person having to refresh all the time and guess if a new order has been created.

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not possible

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and a sync every time a new order is made, not possible also?

If a new order is made by you then you can force sync.

Create an action to go to another view within this app and use this expression.

linktorow([_thisrow],“Your detail view name”)&"&at="&(NOW()+1)

Go to your form and set this action on save.


How about to send a notification or SMS when the new order is generated?

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