Force sync does not work after entering invalid data

I keep getting this error after accidentally inputting an invalid data in an Enum type Duration:

First I tried to correct the issue, then I deleted the record, but the sync keeps complaining that the values is an incorrect type.
Any help is highly appreciated.

On your enum type field, check the box for “Allow other values”

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@tsuji_koichi - that’s already so. The error occurs because the feild type is Duration and the type entered is String.

Yes, you can not enter any different type of data rather than column data type.


@tsuji_koichi - yes that’s the hard experience. The unfortunate issue is that the entire app hangs depending on the sync of data that can’t be synced and that subsequent changes are hindered from sync. Finally the user must restart to enter or change records.

If you have a error then subsequence change data is not going to happen on appsheet, that is BY DESIGN.
To solve, only available remedy for user is to let the app to be reset…

For us as app creator, just make sure that no error for data entry to happen before we deploy the app to the users.

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