Force sync only in specific Form view

I have enabled the Delayed Sync, and I have many Forms view, but I would like to ALWAYS force the Sync for the app ONLY when adding record from a specific Form?

Is that possible?


Yep yep. Create an action to go to a new view. Use
to setup whichever view you would like the user to be on after the from. Then set this action as the Form Saved action for the form in question.


oooh man! Thanks a lot @Bahbus I would give you a “Like’s gold” if exists haha

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Hi Bahbus. Same here, but I want to do vice versa to Geovany_Kelly!
I have several tables, and I want all the tables to be immediately synced to the server, EXCEPT for one table, which is synced later manually at user request!
Can you give me a hint?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible. Upon sync, AppSheet syncs all app data to the integrated tables.