Force Sync question I have a table called [O...

Force Sync question

I have a table called [Orders].

I have a Workflow that generates an invoice number from a workflow.

That part works fine.

But I need to force a sync after the invoice number is generated.

How can I force a sync of the current row of the current table?

Thanks in advance


It sounds you would need to trigger an action for the sync. Please check the last section “Manually Constructing Deep Links” from this article about the “at” parameter. - App Column Type (Deep Link) App Column Type (Deep Link)

Thanks i @Aleksi_Alkio this is helpful.

I can create an action and associated button to force a sync through Deep Link but how can I set it up so that the deep link will be initiated when a data change occurs in the row OR when a user selects a workflow form a dropdown list.

As it is Workflows do not allow one to initiate an Action that triggers a deep link…

If you trigger that action with the option “Event action” would that solve your case?

@Aleksi_Alkio its all falling apart for me lol.

Can’t get it to sync.

Perhapos I can simplify my issue.

App is named :

Inventory View is also named : Inventory Key for row is:

[Item Id]

When I make a change in data such as clicking a button to select a “Send invoice” workflow, I need to then sync the change in the current row automatically and continue to display the same record.

As is is it seems to not sync the changes, navigate to a different record (or no record) or ask me if I want to discard current changes. The whole idea is to save the current changes automatically without an user intervention.

i.e. sync when data is changed.


Have I understood your case correctly… you would like to have an action button which will send the Workflow email automatically?

@Aleksi_Alkio NO.

I have workflows that work with no problem.

I need to sync current changes automatically after a data change event.

For example, when I click a button I need to call a linktoview function (I think) to sync the data changes that are queued.

I have tried many permutations of the linktoxxxx using the scenario above but they do not seem to be able to sync the current row of the current view.


I was wondering if you found a solution to this as I need to do something similar?

Not yet.

You can use it like

LINKTOVIEW("NameOfView") & "&at=" & (NOW() + 1)

Hi Levent

Thanks for this. I have tried permutations of this many times. Can you tell me the purpose of the " + 1"?

And will this return me to the current row in the view that I am editing?


+1 provides an immediate sync after you save the record and if you are using delayed sync. However the expression I have given takes you to the UX view that you specify. Provided you want to display the Detail View of the record that you had edited, than you need to change the expression:


solved? how?

Esta es la solución si quieres que después de sincronizar vaya a una vista especifica:

LINKTOVIEW(“NameOfView”) & “&at=” & (NOW() + 1)

Esta es la solución si quieres ir a una fila especifica de una vista especifica:

LINKTOROW([KeyColumnName],“DetailViewName”) & “&at=” & (NOW() + 1)


Gracias Fredy,
lo pruebo.