Forced Sync only for Quick Edit

In a Detail View with Quick Edit I want to force a sync after the Quick Edit.
This is possible by enabling “Delayed sync” under Behavior > Offline/Sync.
But what if I need the forced sync only in this case?
Because in another part of the app I also want to use an on-click action that’s counting how often a row is clicked. In this case I don’t want the sync to occur.

So I would like to disable “Delayed sync” and force the sync via a navigation action:
LINKTOVIEW("NameOfView") & "&at=" & (NOW() + 1)

In a form view I could set this navigation action as the form saved event.
But in my case it’s a quick edit.

Does anybody know a solution for this case?

Edit: I did some testing with Bot but AFAIK a bot cannot execute a navigation action.

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Hi @Fabian

I don’t think there is any workaround to force sync upong changing values through detail view quick edit. To force sync, the deeplink actions only could make app to start to sync using your expresion, but it is only alive and can reside on action. Action can not be triggered by quick edit.
As you rightly said, BOT can not initiate action for deeplink, as BOT is always backend job, not on client.

Not sure if this is option for you, and this set up is tedious.

Just create one another app just for your detail view only. To move to detail view, you just guide user to move to another app using deeplink action to change app and sync.

Once user made edit the value through detail view with quick edit on another app, then place another action to guide them back to the original app coupled with force sync.
Yeah, tedious arrangement, so not recommended, but I dont come up with alternatives to force sync the app on quick edit.


Not possible.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi and @Steve.

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