Forced sync when form question is answered

I’ve been looking through several threads, and cant quite find the answer on this, so hoping you’ll be able to help.

Current setup:
Have form, with mutli-tabbed sections for questions. Need to be able to navigate between them, as survey wont always be in order. Need to force a sync when the user answers the last question on a specific tab, as they are consistently not going to the end to ‘save’. I am unable to use “show_if” and hide each tab, thus bringing forward the ‘save’ button, as they need to be able to move between tabs.

I would like to use an expression to force the sync, using something like:
if([coffee]=“save”,LINKTOVIEW(“Onboarding”) & “&at=” & (NOW() + 1),"")
However this doesnt seem to be working corrrectly.

Is there something obvious I am missing, or another way to manually add a “Save” button using a single entry Enum column?


Could you separate each tab into its own view, with its own Save and then use Actions to direct the user to the next view?

Basically walk them through the views. You can also use expressions to change the text of “Save” to “Next”, Tapping Next is still a save underneath and a background Sync is performed.

This would force an order through the questions and not allow the user skip around in the tabs.

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Possibly. Trying to make it flexible for the user to where they can jump between tabs in any order that they desire.

Really looking for a simple way to just force a sync when a specific question is answered, or making a manual ‘save’ button for them to click.


I’m afraid neither of these are possible.

Syncs happen on change of visual state OR on a timed background process. You would not be able to force a sync in the middle of Form changes.

Forms do not allow inserted actions such as buttons or links.

So … assuming your current design…Why does a Sync need to happen?

How do they exit the Form if they are not saving?

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The users are commonly completing a section, then simply closing the app or exiting out without saving. Thus losing their information. Was hoping to provide an action or something that was VERY obvious or automatic to force the sync.

Forgive me, but I don’t understand why a forced sync would help.

I agree the users need something very obvious. Your comment implies that the current view is not fully working and probably needs changed.

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It works properly, they just dont scroll to the end… for whatever reason. Thanks for the help!

Instead of using a form, create the empty row first and allow the user to modify it using a detail view with QuickEdit columns.

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