Forcing Sync Before Action Fires... For Example---> go to another App

Im wondering if its possible to create a deep link to a to open a form in another app, and than upon completion, force a sync and go back to main app.

We have so many apps now within a launcher, but there are a bunch that are frequently used and going into each app to add an entry is starting to become a little bit of a timer waster. Especially when they need to make 5 different entries in 5 different apps.

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OK, Awesome, Should’ve known, 1 issue though,

LINKTOFORM(Todays Data_Form,[SealIntegrityTesting-1163290])

Whats wrong with above? I dont want to pre-fill any columns values or anything, so I’m kinda confused as to the format of this link,


LINKTOFORM(Todays Data_Form,[SealIntegrityTesting-1163290])

should be:

LINKTOFORM(Todays Data_Form,SealIntegrityTesting-1163290)

I know the doc is confusing. :frowning:

Ok, So Ive Created a quick Entry Action for 1 form.
Added a custom form in the linked app that on Save goes Back to to Quick entry View of the main app.

Everything works Great, but on save of the form, The following message is popping up,

How Do I bypass this because you can see this warning come up a split second before the app starts syncing, and after it has finished syncing the message is still there. I click yes and it goes to the main app. The changes have been saved although the message acts like they haven’t been.

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I’m not sure there is a fix for that. You’re navigating to another app before this app’s updates have synced. I… I don’t know what to tell you. :frowning:

Ive heard of something that can be done to force a sync?
I could turn off the Sync after every change and force a sync when closing or navigating to a different app?

This would also so speed up Data entry when multiple Entries need to be done in the same app, I just cant justify turning the Always sync off right now because to much data is lost by just navigating away from the app with unsynced changes.

Because Im syncing on every Save,

Should the app not trigger the next action after a sync?

Edit. So ive been look at this,

Just trying to figure out what the acual force sync is.

is it somthing to do with this. &at="&(NOW()+1)

How would I implement this. On the save of the form and than go back to main app?

That can be done, yes, but it’s a navigation action (within the same app), and you can’t chain navigation actions together.

See my edit above, Could I force a sync on save of the form, and than execute the action to go back to the main app?

Just not really sure what the formula is, how it works

Yep. Append that to a navigation action target within the same app to force a sync.

No. That would require chained navigation actions, which isn’t allowed.

So I could navigate to a differant view force a sync and than navigate to the main app again?


Ive tried this and it just seems to completly ignore the action to go back to main app.

I have it setup like this.

1 group action to fire multiple actions.
1 action to navigate to differant view in same app and force synce.
1 action to go back to main app

Group action triggers the 2nd and 3rd action.

On save of the form, the group action is triggered. Im not getting any errors but does not go back to main app.

Any Insight?

Also Tried this, but this still brings up the “Are you sure you want to leave this app Warning” although everything is saved and is fine.

"&at="&(NOW()+1)&LINKTOVIEW("Quick Entry", "AppId")

Yes, that’s what I meant with:

You can’t do what you want.

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Shit. Is it something you believe would be helpful for others? Especially the quick entry and going back to app launcher.

Am I the only one or has this kinda come up before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, if anyone has some ingenious workaround please let me know!!! I’m keeping it like this and telling users to proceed anyway upon the error. The error comes up for no reason. It should not come up if auto syncing after every entry has been enabled; As it has already synced before navigating back to main app.

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