ForEachRowinTable vs. ForEntireTable

I’m creating a report to send shipping labels for boxes scheduled to ship the next day however if I select “ForEntireTable” my expression below does not work.

AND([Date Next Service] >= Today(),ISNOTBLANK([Assigned To]))

The expression works if selecting “ForEachRowinTable” however that will send a separate email for each record. I don’t want to recieve 2 dozen individual emails, I’d rather only receive 1 email.

How would the expression be different to get it to achieve the desired result if selecting “ForEntireTable”?

Much appreciate any guidance.

You need to create a slice and then use that slice as a source table for your Scheduled Report.
You can’t use row specific formula because the report will send the whole table.

@Aleksi Ah, got it. Took a minute but got it. The “If this is true” expression is not needed because the slice handles that filtering.

There is hope for me yet! Thank you.

You’re welcome