Form: Add a certain amount of line depending on the form

Hello everyone!

I have a very simple question, but maybe I am complicating my solution:

I am working on an app to manage the inpections on our machinery/ equipment.
In the form to fill, I want to create a column to ask if there is any “Other Machinery/ Item” and How much Other they need to add in the form.

My idea was to create a row to ask how many “Other Item” to add and following the number rows would be added. For example let’s say they have 3 other items:

Row one: How many Other too add? = 3
Row two: Name Other 1: = Excavator
Row three: Items Checked on Other 1: =Lights, Tires, ( EnumList)
Row four: Name Other 2: = Excavator
Row five: Items Checked on Other 2: =Lights, Tires, ( EnumList)
Row six: Name Other 3: = Excavator
Row seven: Items Checked on Other 1: =Lights, Tires, ( EnumList)

So here is my question: what kind of formula will allow me to add rows following the number ot other set in the form?

Hopping I was clear :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

You should add another table to store child records instead of repeating columns. In the second table, you include a ref type column which points to a record in the first table. Each parent record can have any number of child records associated with it.


Thank you very much Marc_Dillon for your explaination! :smile: