Form Behaviour

(Peter Eby) #1

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why some reference lists show up in form view and other do not. For example: I have a table called “Survey” and three more called “Test One”, Test Two", and “Test Three”.
The Tests are linked to the Survey Table in virtual columns like so: REF_ROWS(“Test One”, “Survey”),
REF_ROWS(“Test Two”, “Survey”), REF_ROWS(“Test Three”, “Survey”). Now when I open the Survey Form I see: “Test One entries that reference this entry in the Survey column” and “Test Three entries that reference this entry in the Survey column”. Whatever happened to the Test two entries? they are all setup identical.

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(Reza Raoofi) #2

Do you mean while you are in the Edit mode in Survey form one of child inline views (Test Two) is missing? If yes, have you checked the Is a part of? property for the Ref column in Test Two table to be ON?

(Peter Eby) #3

Thank you for the suggestion.
I Checked. The " Is a part of? property" is ON for all three columns. I cannot find any variation between them, which is why I’m confused as to this behavior.

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(Reza Raoofi) #4

Is this only happening in Form view during data entry? Is there any related data in Test Two table already and you can see the inline view in Detail View? Have you checked the Ref columns on the Test Tables side, and they are all the same? meaning they are all properly referring to their referenced table? Do you have Key column on the Test Two table set properly?

(Peter Eby) #5

It is only happening is Form view. Detail view is fine. I got it working in a round about way. i.e. Changed the list for Test 2 to Test 1.Appsheet automatically created another list for Test 2, which showed in the Form view. If I remove the duplicate Test 1 list it disappears, so left both and just hide the duplicate.
In any case, i might need to change plans as I realize the nested forms do not necessarily save data in the order created. Seems that last in is saved to the table rows first.