Form changes data source

I have a UX view that points to a slice, when I select a record from that view it then points to the original table and not to the slice, is that typical? The form view doesn’t allow me to point to the slice as well.


As long as you have saved all your changes, the system automatically generates a new detail view specific to the slice.

That’s what I thought. I’ve saved and regen the table multiple times and it continues to point to a different table.

And I just noticed you said form not detail. Does your slice and table allow adds and updates?

Yes, no deletes

Hmm, well then my original statements stand, after saving slices, they generate their own Forms and Details and are usually used by default if, for example, you create a Table view from the Slice then when clicking an entry it goes to the Slice Detail view. Edits open Slice Form view. As long as the permissions are there, which they seem to be.

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I rebuilt the form and it’s now working…

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