Form collects data, want to visualize that data easily

I have a form that the user enters performance data on an individual while watching that individual compete at an event. Each individual will compete multiple times and every individual at the event will be tracked.

I want to take all that data and quickly be able to look at charts of each individual based on the criteria we are tracking.

I’ve got the data base in a google sheet. The app tracks the data flawlessly. I’m having trouble getting the data visualization and charting to happen.

I basically want another tab at the bottom of the app that will have a drop down menu I select the athlete whose data i want to see then in that same window or a new window (prefer same window so the drop down menu is easily accesable and i can easily choose another person) all those charts populate with that specific data.

I can easily do it IN the google sheet with Vlookup and charts. I have no idea how to do it in appsheet.

Check out the Interactive mode for dashboards, might be quicker and easier.

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