Form data not saving for any users besides me (app creator) with Publisher Pro account


Long time reader, first time poster.

I just launched an app for users to filter a database of workout videos. After they fill out the form and click ‘Save’, it brings them to a filtered list of videos that meet their criterion. This is working fine. However, the data (their form selections) are supposed to flow into a Google Sheet, but this isn’t working. It works for me, when I test it with both my creator email address and a different email address. Any thoughts on why this data isn’t flowing through from users besides me? I suspect it might have something to do with the Publisher Pro account but not sure.

Thank you!!

Hi Steve - thanks for your response! I have that button checked (as app creator) on all of my tables. I noticed that a few form entries are coming through but definitely not as many as people are filling out the form (I tested this). So it’s not entirely broken, but maybe just laggy? Could it be that certain users’ versions haven’t updated since I checked that box (I changed it after I launched the app but before I posted here)?

Possible, I suppose. Encourage your users to do a manual sync of the app. If that doesn’t resolve it, I’d encourage you to engage