Form default values based on filtering

say I have two tables, Boxes([id], [nam]) and Objects([id], [boxid], [name]). The column Objects[boxid] refers to an existing Box[id].
Now I have the Boxes detail view, in which I can click an action to navigate via LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW to the Objects, filtered with the specific Boxes instance I selected. That’s like opening a specific box and looking into it.
If I add an item in the filtered Objects view, I expect to be able to specify the correct boxid value, that would be like putting an object in the right box.

How would that be possible? I understand that the only source of this info is the filtered view, and without some parsing that would not be possible since the filter condition is arbitrary… So what should I try? Would I succeed? Seems like such a trivial task to me, but don’t figure out how to do that.

Hello @Riccardo_Mazzei

You might want to check out References; they allow you to connect tables together, and AppSheet will automatically create what’s called “Reverse Reference” on the connected table.

From your example: I would imagine that the “BoxID” column in the Objects table would be a reference to the Box table.

  • This would then render as an list of related objects for each box.

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