Form Display Name

Hi I am totally new to the AppSheet and I work on one app for some time already. I cannot find anywhere the way to change the generic display name of form. Can anyone help me?

Every View has a View Options section and within that is a “Display” section. Under the “Display” section insert the name you wish for the View in “Display name”.

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Thanks for tip, but the view has it’s name that is either “view name” or “display name” and this I was able to control using “display name” but when I press “+” sign there appears another view, the one to add new record - form view and this one I do not know how to change…

I think you need to find so-called SYSTEM VIEW.

Show system view first, and then you will find the FORM view. Then you place your DISPLAY NAME to it.



BINGO!!! I did not know that possibility!