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I am puzzled on a situation I cant find a solution to.

I have a table for Rentals. On this table is the item, checked out by, checked out date, checked in by, and checked in date.

I have two form views for the table. Checked in_Form and Checked Out_Form.
The Checked Out_Form doesnt show any of the checked in fields and visa versa.

I have an action on an item that opens the Checked Out_Form and fills in item, checked out by, and checked out date. This works perfectly!

Here is the problem:

I have an action on my Rentals table to check in the item, which I cannot get to fill in the checked in by, or checked in date. I have individual actions to write the correct data to those fields and when I group them with an open form to edit, they do not populate. I cant do initial values on those fields because this is the second time the form will be opened. I cant do a deeplink like LINKTOFORM() because that opens a new form and writes data to a new row.
I do not want an action to simply write the data to the fields because if the item was checked in yesterday and I hit the action today, it will fill in todays date. I need to be able to open the Checked In_Form and have it pre-fill the checked in by, and checked in date.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

You can use Initial valueif you enable Reset on edit?. You could give Reset on edit? an expression to trigger the “reset” when the row is opened in the Checked In_Form only:

"Checked In_Form" = CONTEXT("View")

See also:

This didnt seem to work.

I set the initial value on checked in by
I enabled Reset on edit with the expression “Checked In_Form” = CONTEXT(“View”)

Then, when I hit the action to check an item out, it opened the Checked Out_Form just as expected, but it also filled out the checked in by field.

I dont think it makes a difference but I do have a slice called Checked Out to show all of the checked out items and this is where I am checking items back in from.