Form Entry Very difficult

I have been using Appsheet for a while but now form entry has become impossible as drop down boxes take 4 or 5 attempts to click on the correct value, this happens on both phone and multiple PC’s. I select the dropdown and when i click on the entry i want the value below is selected and it has become so slow that if i try to move forward it takes forever. No errors appear except once a cross table error came up. how do i find out what is wrong?

Are you on the Chrome ?
It happens on mobile phone?

Do you have complex App formula, Valid If, or Suggested values expressions?

I do use chrome but it also happens on the phone, i will test it on other browsers, sometimes it works ok and other times it slows down to unworkable

I do have two Valid if but not in the form that is the most used and causing the most problems

II use it for about 30 daily entries but it makes that number too slow to enter

How large is your data set?

Could your device be low on memory?

Do you have any other memory-intensive app running as well?

I keep the phone clean and no memory draining apps
Most table are 40 to 50 rows and 4 tables have between 1500 and 3000 rows
It is an addressbook, big tables are Company, Contact and Updates (the CRM table)
the Valid IF is used when i group some contacts together in Contact groups so the Update applies to that group.
one other strange point that might be related is that when i put all three tables into a dashboard it does not work. I think this might be due to the fact i reference the contact table back onto it self, (i have a field on which contact introduced the new contact)

I think you’ll need to engage Someone there can look into your app configuration and find out what’s going on.

thank you Steve, i am new to asking for help but that is a good idea

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I’m happy to help, but I have no other ideas what the problem might be, and I think finding the problem will require a deeper look at your app than I’m prepared to do, Hence the referral.

thanks Steve, i sent an email and they have replied already!

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