Form Finish View going to the wrong Ref


I have created an app that consists on the following:

-> We create a Client
-> We create a Project, and asign a Client to the Project
-> We create a Project Note. One Project can have one or many notes.


I would like that, when the user creates a Note inside a Job, the view takes him back to the Job detail View


I go to the Job Details
Add a Note to the Job

But when I save, it takes me to the details of another different job every time.

And it’s always the Job that is first in my Table, Any idea why? Is this a Bug?

Here is the view in AppSheet of how I have set it up.


Hi @Luis_DfG
Your finish view may need to link to row rather than just the view.

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Hi @Lynn

Thanks for the input, however, where should I set that up?

There isn’t seems to be that option in this dropdown list I’m looking at:

Leaving it as Automatic should take you back to the detail you started on.