Form for The Number manipulation input

ok, so I have one column with The Number with intiger value.
While adding new record the initial value is the maximum of existing ones.
I’m looking for a way to allow setting new The Number by few clicks.
So I imagine 8 buttons (+1000, +100, +10, +1, -1, -10, -100, -1000) which would be available within the form and the user may choose them couple of times to reach the value he wants.

Not sure how and if this may be implemented.
I was trying adding new enum column to create buttons, als0 creating action buttons to be used in form - but with no success. Any ideas?

Actions cannot be used in forms. :frowning:

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Thanks @Steve for your answer - I was thinking of having it different - how about creating new view (not form) and adding new columns just to have buttons than I could asign action to those enum buttons. Is it worth any advise?

Ok… next question. When I’m in Form I can see I can manipulate the integer value of The Number with +/- signs. I may configure the “Increase/decrease step” to update value for example with with 1000 or just with 1. I understand that Im not able to manipulate this step value while I’m filling in the form, however I may have couple of columns to increase the value with different step value and unhide them when proper enum is selected.

I don’t understand. :frowning:

I mean is typing the number not the best solution then if this is the lengths you will have to go to for increasing and decreasing by these different amounts?

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The purpose is to make the input easier.
I was thinking I would be able to achive it by using ENUM to change “Increase/decrease step” for The Number.
But… I understand I’m not able to do this within form.

Thanks a lot @Steve, @Austin_Lambeth for your help :ok_hand:
Finally I decided to use changecounter than give up with this as it was taking ages when the application was making synchro and I realized that it would not be “fast input” :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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