FORM keyboard auto-pop on mobile view if first entry is text. Please WAIT to user be able to read all form before this

Hi guys.
It is really anoying that when you are opening a new form as a User on the mobile, if the first entry of the form is text, the keyboard automatically pops-up, so you cant read all the form before start filling.

Is not the big deal but it is anoying, especially for new users.

Hope it helps, I love appsheet keep going! :100:

Do you have auto-advance turned on? If so, I believe that would be the expected behavior.


Thanks for the answer.

No, it is off, but even on of it always auto-advance into the first field when I create a new row.

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I assume you are using an Android device? I have not seen this on an iOS device. I wonder if there are device settings that control appearance of the keyboard in this context?

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Yes, Im using Android right now, I will came back with my feedback after trying on IOs too

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