Form Questions disappearing

I have a form where my users Add their name and Plant they are performing audits at.

Well, let me rephrase it this way. I have columns in my data set for Auditor name and Plant. However, those fields don’t show in my form view. The app seems to skip over these 2 questions.

They are marked SHOW.

I am missing something. What though?

The Dock Auditor and Plant columns are not editable:

Blank, non-editable columns are not displayed in forms by default.

Ahhh. Roger that. Thanks.

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I had a formula there. Deleted it. Now can’t change it back to editable. No formula present now. Not sure how to change.

you must delete the formula from the excel sheet and from appsheet in “Spreadsheet formula”, then regenerate the table and mark this field as editable.

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Thank you. Found it.

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