Form saved action issues

What would cause a Form Saved action not to fire? I’ve implemented the notes in the this part of the help documentation:

Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children

For whatever reason, on form save my Status column does not change and then my related email workflow does not fire.

In my case I have a Parts used table that’s a child of a Service Ticket table and marked is part of.

Does it matter if a slice is involved when you apply the action to a form?

Check that the action is indeed inside the form save event.

  • You mentioned a slice; if the form you’re using is for the slice, it’s not using the system generated base-table form view - so you’ll have to create a specific form view for the slice (if you’re doing this).

Hi @MultiTech_Visions, I tried putting the form save event in the system generated form view of the slice itself. Is this what you mean? Or I’d need to create my own form view for this purpose?


If that’s the form that people are using - and the one that needs to have the actions run - then yes.

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So I did try it in the slice form view and it doesn’t seem to work either. It will not change the column to the value of “Run”. If I make the action button visible, it does work fine. It shows in the detail view rather than the form view if that makes any difference.



Let me show you how I handle triggering workflows:

No, that’s just where the action is visible.

Hmmm… that’s weird.

  • Check that all conditions are as they should be
  • Check that there’s no conflicts with any Reset If

If all that, and still nothing - contact

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Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this. I’m going to try and restructure my actions a bit and see what I can get.


You’re welcome @Wallace_Service, literally takes less than 5 minutes - MOST times. partyparrot (Appsheet)


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Here’s an interesting thing. The app I’m having trouble with is connected to a Google Cloud MySQL database. I copied the app as is including data to a Google Sheet and the workflow runs fine!

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I would reach out to with this - they’ll want to take a look.


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If you have an action with multiple columns to be changed, sometimes not all of them work.
I create an action for every column and then another one to trigger all of them.

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I think it has something to do with my child records. My child records are added via a virtual column with a REF_ROWS referencing a parts used table. If I don’t add any records to the inline table for parts used within my parent service ticket form, then all of the actions and workflows always run properly without failing. Is there a reason a form saved action in a parent table would not run if a child record were added to the parent via a virtual column?

In generally… the process goes like this when you save a parent with it’s child records.
#1 - The parent is saved
#2 - Child records are saved
#3 - If you have an Event action (in parent’s record), it’s triggered


Hi Aleksi, is it possible that if parent record is moved to a different slice not connected to the form save action before the child records are saved the workflow may not fire?

I have the same problem and my table doens’t have child records. I’ve been testing my app for a few months and the “Form Saved” event action (Data: set values of some columns in this row) has been working fine until beginning of April. (P.S the table is on Google Cloud Postgresql.)

Would you please send an email to with all app details, thanks.

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There seems to be something weird going on with actions that are attached to a form saved event. I have a form that I created an action process for about mid April and the form saved event processes flawlessly. I am currently working on adding additional processes attached to another form saved event and those processes do not execute and in most cases the form does not even close and go back to the previous view after clicking save.

Is there any progress on this issue because I cannot proceed with my app until this is fixed.

Please contact for help with this.

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